A lot of us leave our homes, families, communities to make our lives overseas.
We are tagged as ‘NRI’ or Non-Resident Indians.
Our passports prove that we are Indian
We abide by Indian Laws
We pay Indian taxes
But strangely we lose our right to vote! WHY?
Our remittances hit US$ 8.5 Billion in 2013;
The largest sum is remitted to India by our migrant workers; our hard-working blue and white collar NRI workforce.
Interestingly we are invited to invest in our country, but the country stops investing in us. WHY?
Just like every law abiding proud citizen of India, we bolster India’s growth.
Yet recent statistics prove that NRI’s are the most vulnerable workforce. WHY?
In reality it would seem that we become Not-Required Indians; second class citizens for our own great country. Why is our representation so weak? WHY?
The importance for an NRI’s ‘Right To Representation’ became apparent when I followed the case of 17Indians on death row for the murder of 1 Pakistani.

Having lived in the UAE for the past 25 years, I have huge respect for the humaneness of the Sharia Systems; but for the first time, March 29th 2010; even my faith hit shaky grounds when I heard that 17 Indians were given the death penalty for the murder of 1.

Finding Reports revealed that 1730 more Indians languish in UAE prison (200 approximately in similar situations facing capital punishment). http://youtu.be/n1r7RBLUN6g
I couldn’t look away anymore. Adding my voice, to the many others that were raised in unison, we sought for a fair trial for these men.
It was a tough 4 year journey that gave me a deep understanding into the challenges Indian overseas migrant workers and their communities face.
Finally following the return of these 17men to India, it was wonderful to see their homecoming. But when I attended an interview session with them, when Harjinder Singh one of the 17accused asked with tears in his eyes.
‘If my own Embassy and Lawyers did not submit the evidence of innocence, is it not my Embassy and their Legal Team’s responsibility?’ http://youtu.be/7ORvZYFflqY
This stopped me in my tracks….

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-