My joy changed to sadness and made me question the systems that tainted an honest man and scarred him and his family forever.
As a film maker I just want to continue making films; but as a human I know that my duty is to do the right thing.
I have seen so much, experienced more, and met so many people whose lives are still in jeopardy; this is the reason behind my outreach initiative.
I am lucky to receive the support of Bertha Foundation, Good Pitch New York and now Good Pitch India, Brit Doc, Bertha Foundation, Sundance, and many more like-minded journalists and film makers

Encouraged, I commence this journey to challenge India’s archaic systems to stop systematic abuse faced by our Indian migrant workers overseas.
I believe a few a simple changes can make a world of difference…..
I am not an activist, just a concerned human being
With folded hands I seek your guidance and your voice
As I share my ideas and thoughts through this online podium.
I request you to add your thoughts and voice … To guide me from this point onwards
For only when we come TOGETHER we can affect change…..

Whilst researching and shooting our film we found a recurrent theme and challenges
1. There is no clear awareness / information available for the more marginalized, uneducated especially migrant Indian labours, on the rules of Visa procurement, its processes for employment in places like UAE, Saudi, GCC etc
I am working on making a few short films to create within our migrant workers communities –with regards the regulations of overseas employment. I hope this information will keep them safe from the illegal employment traps
Working with an NGO Video Volunteer we seek to produce 25short ‘Public Advisory Videos’ through which we can guide workers on their rights and the rules of employment overseas in UAE.
We are hoping to tie up with TV Channels, Online Sites, Money Transfer Units, and other channels that provide high visibility and can effectively create awareness amongst migrant worker communities. We are looking at targeting worker communities in UAE/ Kerala/ Punjab/UP/ Bengal
We are looking for partners to produce these Advisory Videos with us.
We are also seeking partners who will support our endeavor;
We invite you to give us your suggestions and guidance on how we can reach Indian workers who are dreaming of migration.
Would you also support us and put up a link on your site?

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-