2. During the course of my research and filming; we met a lot of workers stuck in labour camps and prisons. They all complained of a lack of communication from the Embassy. This is something I heard again and again when I visit the prisons.
Undoubtedly Indian Embassy is one of the busiest Embassies; with a large number of migrant workers and NRIs to service, I am sure isn’t an easy job.http://youtu.be/YRjnsrxyxtw
But we need to find ways to ensure that an Indian in trouble can reach the Embassy!
Can we, as Indians, afford a simple recording service to log the calls of an Indian trapped in jail? Or in a labor camp?http://youtu.be/hkf7j4DseR0
I will humbly submit a petition to the newly formed Indian government, to make their international missions transparent for their vulnerable overseas citizens- especially migrant workers.
If you too feel that it is important to safeguard the interest of overseas Indians please join me in signing this petition, as your voice will strengthen mine… so together we seek governance on creating an important support system We are also looking at speaking with local and international Telcos/Media Companies to assist us in creating this hotline.
We also invite our overseas and local communities to participate. If any of you know of anyone who needs assistance or is in a dire state; please just make a phone recording and send it out to us info@www.awaam.com
We promise to try and pass this information along to the Embassy.

3. Besides inaccessibility, we were told that there is a lack of involvement from the Indian Embassy, with no responsibility nor accountability even towards missing migrant workers or their families.
Can our missions overseas not dedicate at least one small section for missing workers on their website?
Can they not put out a ‘Missing Persons’ board on their premises?http://youtu.be/_wmOZEyhB6o

4. Workers often get lost in these camps or are arrested and their families are in anguish. Lack of information is a tangible edge of suffering felt both by Migrant Workers and their Families.
We are seeking the advisory of Sharjah Police to commence building a pilot project for missing individuals.
Does anyone have ideas for how we can build a community site for Missing Persons Report? Please do share it with us at Info@awaam.com
5. Most legal papers are signed in Arabic, including Employment Contracts in UAE. Most Indian migrant workers don’t have access to such translator services and this makes them vulnerable.
Can we not provide resources on our Embassy’s websites? Can we not provide a subsidized translation service at our Embassy?

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-