My motivation is very simple. I got into media and making films to reveal the unknown stories of the east, to represent unheard eastern voices, to reveal uniquely eastern issues through stories of people who rise to affect change. Since March 29th, I have been following the story in my capacity as a journalist when I realized this was history in making. A believer in the Shariya Law system, I felt this travesty of justice unlike anything before. 17 Indian men had been handed down the death sentence for the alleged murder of One Pakistani. This was when I realized that there were several others suffering a fate worse than any Guantanamo Bay,but the Indian embassy had no head count of missing Indians in UAE. They cited neither ‘NO MANDATE’ nor responsibility towards migrant Indians who languish behind bars or in labor camps.
Having lived in and out of UAE for close to 24 years, I have a deep respect for UAE’s culture, knowing that it can be extremely stringent, but it upholds human principle. I knew they were open to questioning and there were transparent process in place. So I am following the court process and sharing the information through this online medium. I am also curious to know why 17 men languished behind bars for 1.5 years and their families weren’t given any information and assistance. This brought to light the plight of most migrant workers, in the Middle East. The Indian Embassy is known for consistently showing a callous attitude towards its citizens overseas and refusing to help them. How long are we going to let bureaucrats control the fate of the largest migrant labor force in the world? The same labor force that remits 20 Billion US$ to the country annually, this case highlights the horrifying state of a stateless citizen with no voting voice in country or origin.

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-