Colloquially called Not Required Indians, it seems a fitting name, as there are no mechanisms in place at the Indian embassy who refuses to take responsibility, to answer it’s nationals who appeals when they are arrested in prison or labor camps or in hospital. Often thrown out of jobs, abused by their employers their there is no mechanism to inform families back home if their relatives case of any eventualities. Working on my research, from the Embassy to the Shariya Courts, labor camps to faraway villages of Punjab, made me realize the stakes were higher the issue much deeper.

Through the trial and these stories, I hope reveal the nets of a ‘bodyshop’ industry which most gullible eastern laborers fall into as they put their family’s money at stake, paying ‘agents’ hoping to get lucrative jobs in foreign lands. What happens when they don’t land the jobs / lose their jobs to recessions? Cosponsoring the visits of the Lawyers for Human Rights (A sister foundation of Amnesty International), we hope to keep the trial process accountable and transparent, especially as the Indian Embassy has banned all Human Rights Activist and Media from access to 17 Indians and have refused to account for the other Indians on death row or helpless behind bars in UAE prisons.
Through this website, my article and the film I seek to stir debate that question the world’s largest democracy on their treatment of their migrant workers and their overseas citizens. Armed with my camera, my reporter instinct, supported by a DOP and my editor, who have taken 50% cuts in their salary, we have all shrugged of warnings and threats. Seeing how active the support has been online, how important it is to send information out to Indian / Foreign Media and Families of the victims; we are also working on creating a peer-2-peer support / resources for victims of abuse and their families.

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-