1. Creating Awareness on issues where human rights of overseas Indians are abused

2, Fact Finding Reports/ Articles/ Media images / Media Clippings on these issues will be posted at regular intervals to provide resources and an honest transparent visual to the reality of the situation

3. Information Shareware for print publications / TV channels –h visual clippings / images/ information – completely free of cost

4. Resource Bank for dependant families- information / advisory online- RESOURCES

5. Peer-2-Peer sponsorship for food, medicine, healthcare directly to families – we will be sharing the stories of the families directly with you. You can directly connect with the family you hope to support and do the needful.

6. Solution Finding/ Mandate Development/ Petitioning – we hope to raise signatures to strengthen our voice through numbers – so your suggestions are extremely important to us. Please guide us through this forum.

7. ‘We The People’ an interactive section where we depend on your send us information that can help us through any crisis

8. Connection Line for Urgent Assistance (for which we seek governmental support- this has not been facilitated but we are petitioning for the same

9. Interlinking with Amnesty International/ Human Rights Groups/LHFRI- Through RESOURCES

10. Filing petitions opening up debate on

a. Should it be incumbent on Indian consulates globally to maintain a file of each Indian Arrested?

b. Should the consul intervene and seek humane visits to jails?

c. should it be compulsory for the Embassy to provide updates for dependant families on missing persons ?

The Litmus Test for this platform has commenced since May2010- and has so far proven successful.

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-