Can we afford to look away when we witness abuse?
Is it okay to allow human slavery in 2011?
What do the families of missing migrant workers face?
Can we find a way to help them build a better tomorrow?

Ask yourself these questions, before you look at the videos below. These are the families we hope you can support, sponsor or mentor- it’s your choice- you pick whatever is convenient for you to help them build their lives again, on both you their terms in keeping with their dignity.

They, like most families of migrant laborers across the world have little or no access to education, medical assistance, disability benefits; you can give them a chance to rewrite their own fate – just reach out to them directly through the details posted on Peer-2-Peer.
We are simply sharing their intimate and personal stories, the harsh realities of their world in the best way we know, we hope to raise awareness of this world. We welcome your thoughts and we request your assistance to them DIRECTLY. We have posted their contact numbers, details so that YOU can reach them DIRECTLY.

Any person can support/ sustain a victim or their family member, with whatever contribution they feel required of whatever they feel they can give- money, food, grains, legal advisory, consultation, education for their dependent children or even simply by providing constant information on the case or emotional support to the families. Note: Feedback from Families on Support from Community

We seek your participation for however long you want to be involved, for however little or much you want to give or however much; as you will witness some of the lives of these families can changed completely –it’s totally in your hands.
Thank you

‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-