Can you ask yourself these questions and find answers which can assure you as Indians that your Human Rights are secure:- Have you ever felt your human rights abused? Send Your View
Have you tried to respect the human rights of others? Send Your View
Whose Human Rights do you think have been abused in the last ten years 2000-2010 in india?
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A Kashmiri woman embarrassed to walk to her local market, avoiding the suspicious questions and funny looks of the BSF daily…. Are her human rights abused?Send Your View

A girl fifteen year old village girl who is crying wordlessly as her father is discussing her marriage next month…is her family taking away the dignity of her human rights? Send Your View

A Dalit thirsty, working in the harsh summer sun, but unable to drink water from the nearby well, because it belongs to the Brahmins… whose human rights are being abused here? Send Your View

Salt Mine women workers in Rajasthan who worked for months for the tourism ministry but were never paid by the Grahmin udyog board …. Is this a human rights abuse too? Send Your View

A Bhopal gas tragedy survivor who has waited 20+ years for justice but is given a fistful of cash in return… the world calls it a human rights abuse- is it? Send Your View
A migrant Indian laborer languishing in a prison in Doha, his passport impounded by his employer who brutally beat him and hadn’t paid him for months …. is his Human Rights abused as an Indian?
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A Muslim mother who waits outside the prison doors in Gujarat, hoping for some news on her son who is been picked up on ‘suspicion’ and is behind bars …. Is the mother’s right or the son’s right abused? or both their human rights? Send Your View

Please send us any footage- captured in cell phones, cameras, photographs, by you, friends or family. Join us in our race to make our government accountable to every Indian. We want to redefine the concept of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ to challenge our governments and to make them responsible for making our human rights respected –GLOBALLY.
All we’re seeking is a definition of ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ solicit you, requesting you to send us your thought visually. Send us video / mobile / handheld camera clips on any human rights abuse, anywhere in the world and in any format. Even clippings or photographs will do. Just send us an email and we will give you a secure server to upload your visuals and videos on. Feel free to share your name or be completely anonymous.
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‘1700 Indian Migrant Workers Still languish behind bars…Thousands more in Labor Camps-